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Home Alarms - BlackHat Security (Our preferred Alarm company)

Mention "TONY VEJAR the REALTOR" to get a FREE month of service, FREE equipment, FREE installation and FREE Activation, YES all FREE.

Blackhat Security uses all the latest technology Specials for your best security protection! Protect your most valuable asset from the risks of daily life. Keep your family safe with top-level protection from Black Hat Security.

When it comes time to choose a home security company, there's a lot of criteria to review. From available equipment, to customer service, deciphering each package and offering can be tough. At Black Hat, we're upfront with everything we do. Our goal is to provide the best service available, in every way. Check out some of the Black Hat advantages:

Locally owned and operated, Black Hat security is fully focused on securing your home and making our community a better place. We have no answering machines, meaning you'll get a response when you need it, day or night. We'll even work with you via SMS!

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Home Alarms - BlackHat Security


MESA, AZ 85210

P: (480) 830-4428


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Country First Mortgate

I was born in a small basement in San Francisco California July 9th 1992 coming from very humble beginnings. My mother and father came to this country as immigrants with nothing but the shirt on their back and have always done whatever they could do to allow me to succeed. I remember like it was yesterday I was 11 years old and my dad took me to McDonald’s to get some food. He reached into the coin holder and used all the change he had to get me a happy meal. When I was eating my food I asked my dad, “Baba why arn’t you eating” he said he wasn’t hungry. At the time I didn’t think anything of it but now I know it was because he couldn’t afford to feed himself so he fed me instead. It’s little moments like those throughout my life that drive me to outwork and outperform anyone moreover do whatever it takes to make my family proud. I have something that drives me in those hard times when most individuals would have quit or given up. Adversity is something I have overcame and average is something that doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. I have worked every single day to become the successful individual I have become. I have had the pleasure of serving as an intelligence analyst in the army with a top secret security clearance. I have ran and led call centers and sales organizations with over 50 individuals for Fortune 500 companies like Dish Network and Direct T.V. I have also built start up companies including ZocDoc funded by Jeff Bezos and Stormwind Studios a tech startup which allowed me to work side by side with the man who started the first Microsoft training program from the ground up . Every day I kept leading and inspiring individuals to bring the best out of themselves and make the company as profitable as possible while helping others. Everything I have learned over my impactful career as an entrepreneur I have taken into the mortgage industry. At age 25 I have achieved more in my field as a Loan Officer than I would ever imagine. My passion and purpose in life is now to help families get into their dream homes. I live what I do and wake up everyday feeling excited to help. I am not like any other mortgage banker I truly care about every client i work with and make it my personal mission to make them happy :) my name is Amir Vetry.

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Amir Vetry


P: 602-736-8449


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Photographer/Videographer - Zen Media Agency

Damaris Duna is an amazing with capturing that moment and specializing in photography & videography. Please check out his Biography below. Even though we primarily do real estate photography & videography our company is so much more than that. We are a full service marketing company that works with business owners and individuals all across the world to help them brand their business and marketing. We take great pride in our work & have a solid skilled creative team with years of experience.

Services Offered:

- Aerial Photos

- Real Estate Photos

- Aerial Photos

- Property & Aerial Video

- Business Headshots

- Website Design

- Graphic Design

- Family Photographer

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Damaris Duna

P: 480-274-2722


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